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Yes, solar loans are transferrable to the next homeowner or assumable through escrow.

No worries, our original installers will come out to detach and reset.

Rest assured, the HOA cannot deny rooftop solar. HOA just needs to be aware of the installation and we handle all of that so you don’t have to.

It takes as little as a day for our installers to come out and install the panels on your home. But it can take as long as 30-45 days for us to schedule the install. Mainly because we have to obtain city/county permits and schedule your utility company to come out and do their inspections.

We’ve seen as low as 10% is an absolute low in every cost savings and as high as 50%. Just depends on how many panels you have installed and how much you’re expending. 

Absolutely! At the time of work order, just mention that you have an electric vehicle or have plans to purchase one in the future. We’ll make sure to install the panels to best fit your lifestyle!

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